[Album] DJ Okawari – Kaleidoscope

DJ Okawari – Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope – Artwork Cover.jpg

  • Artist: DJ Okawari

  • Label: Libyus Music ‎

  • Format: Mp3, Album 

  • Country: Japan

  • Released: 29 Jun 2011

  • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop

  • Style: Jazzy Hip-Hop, Instrumental

Track lists: ​Kaleidoscope (2011)

1. Encounter

2. Brown Eyes (featuring Brittany Campbell)

3.Represent (featuring Chieko Kinbara)

4.Kaleidoscope (featuring Tekitha)

5.Flower Dance

6. U (featuring Stacy Epps)

7. Another Sky

8. A Cup of Coffee

9. Brighter Side (featuring Amanda Diva)

10. Temperature of Tears

11. The Bonds (featuring NANASE)

12. Change the World (featuring Woong San)

13. Peacock


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